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Tone on Tone

What is Red?

Red is a sunset Blazing and bright. Red is feeling brave With all your might. Red is a sunburn A spot on your nose. Sometimes red, is a red red rose. Red squiggles out when you cut your hand. Red is a brick And the sounds of a band. Red is hotness You get inside When you’re embarrassed And want to hide. Fire-cracker, fire-engine Fire-flicker red – And when you’re angry Red runs through your head.

A Valentine heart, The trimmings on A circus cart. Red is a lipstick Red is a shout Red is a signal That says, “Watch out!” Red is a great big Rubber ball. Red is the giant-est Colour of all. Red is a show-off, No doubt about it –

But can you imagine Living without it?

Author: Mary O’Neil

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