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Dress in the wind

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Walk in the Wind

Leaving home in the morning I walk with the wind. Tie my tongue to the dawn For a song is already in the steps. Meet you again at the crossroad Under a giant sycamore tree. You ask me how to reach heaven And how long one can avoid the abyss. How should I answer For none would give you satisfaction. Walk with the wind Let the wind carry you whatever the way. No place you must reach Nor any righteous path must you trek. I've seen the same blossom along different paths. I've traveled different peaks and valleys on each path. Walk with the wind Give yourself to the music of chance. On the path walking as I go Living and breathing as I am Exist. Have been existed. Existing. Walk with the wind Take away no shade of clouds Dance.

Joan Xie

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