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Make it Fly

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Mud Stone Flowers

Your cries rip and tear me This rusty trap of yours Ensnares me I cannot budge; I fear I'd lose you So I stick around... I'm silent and my silence offends No longer offering the wisdom on which you've come to depend I'm so sorry love, but I can no longer assist… But I will stick around. Cowering, I see you Floundering, I hear you You quake, drown Overthink, sink Flail and fail and Cry out And you know full well why I don't answer. You holler, yell Grasp tight, beg, plead And prostrate... But you know full well that I can’t answer. Six-packed, cold and bitter So little to do but lay back as you witter I stick around... Once denigrated I'm degrading Much like you with your emotional self-satiating And, again, no, I cannot assist But yeah, I will stick around, With you knowing full well why I don't answer. Cowering, you cry out You holler and yell - I hear you You overthink, sink, I stink You prostrate, I rot In this grave. So yeah, you do know full well why I don't answer. We've no future, you and I. Go home. Let me sleep Among the mud, the stone, and the flowers.

Sam D Grover - vocal Paul West - production

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