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Technology is taking over by the years

It is wonderful how we have advanced in life

The only problem is it can become a strife

So balance it off and the problem will be solved

Kids should go out and play

Instead of playing with computers all day

Technology is a breakthrough

Just make sure its not an all day situation 

where our needs would be trapped to this technology innovation

Thank God I don’t live in my Granny’s day

Where there weren’t any cell phones on which to play,

I can’t imagine just what I’d do

With those minutes of waste that I’d accrue!

For now there isn’t a moment to spare,

I can text while I put on my underwear!

From the moment I wake ’til the moment I sleep,

I won’t have to be bored- I can Chat, Post and Tweet!

I can Skype on the road while I’m driving to work,

Or get on YouTube to watch Miley twerk.

On lunch break I’ll sort through my email’s spam,

And post pics of what I ate on Instagram!

Sitting on the toilet’s no longer a bore,

I’ve got Candy Crush Saga, Farmville and More!

So productive am I that it makes my head spin,

But at least I don’t have to wait idly for din (dinner)!

My partner and I Facebook in our seats,

While we wait for the waitress to bring us our treats.

The couple in the next booth is doing the same,

So I assure you, we are perfectly sane.

And then while we eat we check our phones,

In response to the growing number of notification tones!

But alas, it appears that my battery’s draining,

Only 7.7 percent is remaining.

Just one last selfie before it quits,

I wonder how many “likes” it will get?!

As I plug my phone in, I think of poor granny,

Who lived in a time before cell phones were any.

At work, or at home, or out on a date-

I’m so glad I don’t have to be bored while I wait!

And with that thought, I turn down the sheets,

Put on my jammies and de-sock my feet.

As I and my partner snuggle in bed,

Visions of Pinterest things dance in my head.

If only my cell phone wasn’t dead…

The End.

©Rebekah Ann Stephenson 2014


Little bit about Kari Ann.  She is a mother of 3 and a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces where she served 18 years. Her youngest child is now 14, so she has a lot of extra time for herself. Although she enjoyed her time in the CAF, she's in her final semester studying photography and digital arts where she specializes in composite photography. She looks forward to spending her days looking for the perfect shot.  

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